Easy, Inexpensive Dad-Centered Kid-Friendly Father's Day Party

It might not sound odd to title a Father's Day party "dad-centered." Obviously it should be about dad. Unfortunately, parties aren't always geared to the person of honor. Here's a party dads will love, as well as kids. Being a frugalista mom, I focus on cheap, kid-friendly homemade fun.

First, a word on party psychology. Make it clear who it's about.  I have a dear friend who, though she means well, is selfish. Every event must center on her, even when its someone else's day. Parties she plans are about what she wants, not the person she's throwing it for. Make holidays about everyone. Fit the party to the person, not the person to the party. Let dad do as he pleases on Father's Day. Don't expect dad to dress up if he doesn't want to. It's his day to be comfortable.  Read more at Easy, Inexpensive Dad-Centered Kid-Friendly Father's Day Party 


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