Free Printable Christmas Party Invitations

Free Printable Christmas Cards With expensive Christmas cards and stamps at 42 cents each, sending holiday cards can be too expensive. Here are two solutions to keep the Christmas card tradition alive: free printable holiday Christmas post cards and cards. View more »

Free Printable Christmas Carol Sheet Music and Song Lyrics

Free Printable Christmas Carols One of my favorite parts of the holiday season are the Christmas carols. If you're planning on Christmas caroling here are links for free printable Christmas carol sheet music. Check the links for free printable Christmas carol lyrics, too. View more »

Epiphany Twelfth Night Holiday Party Planner

Epiphany Party Planner Activities, games, free printable activities, lesson plans and recipes to host an Epiphany party at your church or in your home. View more »

Host a Christmas Holiday Kid's Party

How to Organize a Holiday Party for Kids of Any Age! Need ideas for holiday activities for children? Here is the definitive guide! Compiled by a 22 year veteran teacher,and loaded with time, money and energy saving ideas, you can host a party that every one will enjoy (even you!) View more »

Free Printable Epiphany Party Planner

Free Printable Epiphany Party Planner Throwing an epiphany party? Activities, games, free printable lesson plans and recipes to host an Epiphany, Twelfth Night, Three Kings party at your church or in your home. View more »

Thanksgiving Party Serving Guide

25 Holiday Serving Tips for Easy Parties Holiday tips from a mother of four who has hosted holiday dinners for our extended family for eight years running. You'll find serving and organization suggestions and time and labor saving ideas so that you can enjoy the holiday with less stress. View more »

Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Planner

Emergency Thanksgiving Holiday Shopping List, Menu and Recipes
Congratulations, you're hosting the Thanksgiving fest this year. Nervous? Don't be; here's an easy diy Thanksgiving dinner guide View more »

Free Thanksgiving Party Puzzles and Games

Free Printable Thanksgiving Party Puzzles and Word Games Celebrate Thanksgiving parties with free printable holiday games, word games, puzzles, jigsaw puzzles. Liven up classroom lessons with puzzles and games. Share with family and friends for holiday get-togethers and parties! View more »

Holiday Decorating and Clean Up- Game Plan

Holiday Clean-Up Plan Whether you put your holiday decorations up as soon as the season begins, or wait until later, you need a game plan for holiday decorations. Here's a holiday party and decoration guide to keep your home manageable and your stress level balanced. View more »

Ways Kids Can Help with Party Preparations

How to Engage Children in Party Planning Got little ones under foot when you're trying to get ready for a party? Get them out from under foot and under way helping with party preparations! 25 simple inexpensive ways to involve children of all ages in the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday preparations. Build some precious memories,too! View more »

Free Printable Coloring Page Party Invitations, Cards

Free Printable Cartoon Coloring Page Birthday Invitations and Cards
Who wants to pay for invitations or a birthday card? Free printable cards and invitations! Cartoon coloring Page fun for the kids! Printable decorations and party favors! Save the cash! View more »

Free Printable Hanukkah Party Goodies!

Free Printable Hanukkah Crafts 10 Websites featuring free Jewish, Yiddish, Hanukkah activities, printables, greeting cards,games, decorating, coloring, cut and paste and lesson planning. Mazel Tov! View more »

Host a Mother's Day Tea Party

How to Host an Edwardian Tea Party "Compleat" (that's fancy old-fashioned talk!) guide to hosting the perfect Edwardian-era tea party, including tea service, dress, flowers, music, atmosphere and of course food and drink! View more »

Gifts for Teenage Boys Good prices;great gifts!

Top 10 (plus a Few) Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys When I choose tags from a 'giving Tree', it's generally the teen boys who are left for last.It's not because no one cares; it's just that teen boys can be pretty intimidating to shop for!Here's the perfect shopping list for teenage boys gifts! Moderately priced options and money-saving tips included! View more »

Church or School Harvest Festival Planner

How to Organize a School Festival or Party Party planner for fall or harvest festival, school festival, large group party. checklist of organizing basics. Covers activities, crafts, prizes, food, events, scheduling, ordinances, crowd control and more! Great for school events, festivals, church or scout parties. Geared toward family events. View more »

Cheap Birthday, Trick or Treat or Party Prizes

50 Candy Alternative Candy or Trick or Treat Prizes 50 Treats to replace candy! Great for birthdays, holidays or any party! Great for trick or treat! Inexpensive toys, prizes and novelties. Giveaways in classroom, business, organization, library, doctor's office. Inexpensive! View more »

Cheap Wedding Planner: Budget Tips

Cheap Wedding Tips  Complete guide to budget weddings! Celebrate your special day in style without going broke! Detailed list of ways to keep your big day on budget! Music, flowers, food, decorations, ceremony, gifts, reception, dress and more! View more »

Free Printable Halloween Party Decorations

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Cut and Paste Crafts Halloween craft projects to print free. Color, cut and paste, paper dolls with Halloween costumes, masks, pumpkin decorations, trick or treat bags, puzzles, games, treat wrappers, Halloween scenes. Cute witches, ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and more! View more »

How to Plan a Large Party

How to Plan Your Work, Company or Business Christmas Party List of what to avoid and how to organize your company, business or work Christmas party. View more »

Halloween or Fall School Festival

Host a Huge Halloween Party for Under $150 Hosting a Halloween party for a large group? Here is your perfect party planner for fun. We'll look at treats, decorations, food, games, prizes, crafts and activities. This party planner focuses on keeping costs low. View more »

Host an Great Inexpensive Open House

Do's and Dont's for Hosting a Cheap, Open House Graduation Party
Graduations are approaching fast! Whether you will be hosting an open house for a junior high, college, high school or even kindergarten graduation, these parties can become very costly. View more »

Vintage Wedding Reception or Adult Party

Winter Wedding Themes How to plan a winter wedding using the theme of a 1930's British supper party. Perfect for a Murder Mystery Party! Vintage decor! Themed affair! Tips to keep cost down! Dress, costume, lighting, food, decor! View more »

Harry Potter Halloween Magic Party!

Harry Potter Science Magic with Literature Connections Inspire and excite children with cool science experiments! Perfect for birthday parties or Halloween parties! Conjure up some magic at your little wizard's birthday party! Amaze students with spell-binding Harry Potter science experiments. Literature connections, too! Set out stations and let guests explore. Edible experiments too! View more »

Free Printable Election 2012 Party Planner

Easy Kids Election Party Planner with U.S. History Ideas I wrote this article for a patriotic summer party, but most of the ideas adapt perfectly for a election party! Whether you vote Democrat or Republican, we can all celebrate America! Games, activities, crafts, menu, recipes,free printables, American history fun for a patriotic election party! View more »

Kids Party Planning 101

How to Organize a Holiday Party for Kids of Any Age! Need ideas for holiday activities for children? Here is the definitive guide! Compiled by a 22 year veteran teacher and loaded with time, money and energy saving ideas, you can host a party that everyone will enjoy (even you!) View more »

How to Plan a Toddler Birthday Party

How to Plan a Toddler Birthday Party Birthday parties can be so much fun but they can also be disasters. Imagine tired, unhappy or bored children, crazy chaotic behavior, stressed, grouchy parents -- well, you get the picture! And a toddler's birthday is especially tricky. Here is a how-to list of party basics for the child of toddler age.Read on for more info...

All Saint's Day Christian Fall Party Planner ~ Halloween Alternative

Christian Party Planner for October Parties Religious and Christian themed party with games and activities for an October event that avoids the Halloween mentality. Includes games, costumes, decorations, activities and service opportunities. View more »

How to Host a Teen Party

How to Organize and Host a Mixed Teen Party Low-cost tips for preparation, themes, food, activities, music, clean-up, decorations, guests, indoor/outdoor options and things to avoid. View more »

DIY Haunted House for Halloween

DIY Haunted House for Halloween Details for activities, sound effects, decorations and costumes for an authentic spooky haunted house, right out of Dark Shadows. This would be a great literature, art or theater class activity. This haunted house could be outdoors in a church, garage, barn or school, too. View more, if you dare


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