Free Printable Tron Legacy Party Craft Activities

Disney will release the movie TRON Legacy in a video game called TRON Uprising. Both are based on the 1982 cult favorite TRON. Here are free printable coloring pages from TRON: Legacy and TRON (1982). On Coloring has over a dozen realistic free printable TRON Legacy coloring pages.Disney has a website for TRON Uprising and TRON Legacy with light cycle and grid games. You can try your hand at maneuvering the light cycle. has forty-seven pages of free printable TRON coloring pages. The coloring pages are detailed, realistic and follow the movie images closely. They are likely printed from the companion TRON coloring books that came out with movies at that time. You can print and color light cycle images, vehicle chase scenes, warrior scenes, battles on the virtual grid, light discs and other TRON movie stills. Here's a free printable TRON birthday party theme with activities and crafts.
Returning to play their original characters in "TRON: Legacy" are Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn/ Clu and Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley/ Tron. Although neither movies achieved high viewer or critics reviews, the TRON movies remain popular. Kids love the films for their cool light cycle scenes, vehicle scenes, robotics, LED and neon computerized graphics. The original TRON came out near in theaters near the time that the last movie, "Return of the Jedi" in the Star Wars trilogy came out.

Although Star Wars eclipsed TRON in popularity at the time, TRON had some interesting pre-figuring of virtual computer technology. The light cycle has never really been duplicated in sci-fi movies. For more free printables from movies, television shows and cartoons, visit Free Coloring Pages 4u


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