Free printable Christmas party games, activities for kids and adults work parties - Grand Rapids Holidays |

 There's a lot of politics and protocol about holiday work parties. Yahoo Finance UK listed five faux pas to avoid at the office Christmas party, Dec. 15. So note to self: don't get drunk, ask for a raise or hit on co-workers. Check. But then what can you do for fun, to keep Christmas parties from getting boring? Well, how about print some holiday party games, puzzles and word games?Free printable Christmas party games, puzzles for kids and adult work parties

Thanksgiving diet tips, recipe tweaks to help overweight kids navigate holidays eating

 The holiday season is a hard time to be dieting. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners and desserts, Christmas baked goods, hams, special treats--the resolve to lose weight goes out with the fall leaves. Overweight kids have an especially difficult time at holidays. But there's hope. I lost over 100 pounds, through holiday binges. Here are Thanksgiving recipe tweaks to help your child stay the course and still enjoy the feasting. Thanksgiving diet tips, recipe tweaks to help overweight kids at holidays

Don't miss world's largest haunted house! Michigan Halloween spook house fun - Grand Rapids Holidays |

Looking for the ultimate Halloween fright night experience? Come visit (if you dare) the world's largest haunted house. Where is it, you ask eagerly? Right downtown Pontiac, Michigan. Erebus (named for the keeper of the underworld), is open nightly till Halloween so get over there. Parents, a word of caution. Know your kids, what will be too scary for them. Don't push spook houses on them if they're frightened. If they're okay with it, well, then read on.

Erebus, located at 18 S. Perry in Pontiac, features four stories of walk-through horrors in a a converted old city parking ramp (how creepy is that?) Creators from Michigan's legendary Haunt spook house, put together this megalith of terror. Zombies, creatures, demons and spooks will scare you silly from beginning to end. Don't waste time checking the website to see what's there--you have to see this haunted house to believe it.  Don't miss world's largest haunted house! Michigan Halloween spook house fun - Grand Rapids Holidays |

Free Printable Disney Frozen Coloring Pages and Crafts

Disney Frozen is the most popular Disney movie in ages. Anna and Elsa are tow of the best-loved Disney princesses. Here are free printable Disney Frozen coloring pages, crafts and party games. I've linked to other free printable Disney character crafts too. Perfect for a little girl's Frozen themed birthday party! Free Printable Disney Frozen Coloring Pages and Crafts

Free Printable Disney Princess Party Supplies

Disney princesses have been loved by little girls for decades. Snow White, the first Disney princess aired in Disney's first full-length cartoon in 1937. Here are 200+ free printable Disney princess coloring pages. Print and use for Disney party crafts.  Free Printable Disney Princess Coloring Pages, Crafts, Party Supplies

Free Printable Bachelorette Party and Wedding Shower Games

Bridal showers are a blast to the throw, but party planning can get expensive. Why not save money with free printable wedding shower games? Print bride and groom quizzes, bingo, trivia, memory, puzzles, advice and word games. Hosting a bachelorette party for the bride? We've got you covered with free printable party games, too.

  Party Game Ideas has printable games for wedding showers. Some require only instructions and others need game templates that you can print. Note: some are free and others require purchase. Use these instructions to create your own personalized to the bride and groom for whom you're hosting a shower.

  Love to Know has free printable bridal shower games including Famous Couples, What's in the Bride's Purse, wedding word scrambles and crossword puzzles. Scroll down for links to a Mad-Lib type bride and groom fill-in-the-blank, wedding cake words and trivia games.

  Abbee has four lists of bridal shower games including many free printable game templates. There are bingo cards, matching games, wedding dress games, price guessing, herbs and spices, memory, bride trivia and more. There are also directions to play the toilet paper wedding dress game.

  Martha Stewart has an entire wedding section on her website. The bridal shower area has loads of printable games, decorations, crafts, shower invitations, recipes and thank-you notes. I've linked you to the bridal shower theme page. Pick your theme and click on links to activities. If a template is needed, you can print it. You can also choose shower theme by color: pink, purple, white, blue. Select the color and find crafts, patterns, recipes and printables to match.

  Party Game Ideas has bachelorette party games with instructions, details, cocktail recipes and variations. Party Supplies Hut has several printable games women's stag parties or girls' night out. Creative Bridal Shower Ideas has free printable bachelorette word searches and bingo games

Note: these games are adult and use many PG-13 to rated R references. There are drinking games as well. They should not be played at any party where minors are present. Learn from my experience--I was invited to a relative's party and was assured I could bring my 16-year-old daughter as there would be nothing inappropriate. Big mistake--lots of sexual games, "decorations" and crude stuff--you get the picture. We left early and went to lunch together. Also, at the risk of sounding like your grandmother, be careful with drinking games. Drink safely and socialize responsibly.


Budget Graduation Open House Planner, Shopping Guide, Recipes

Hosting a graduation open house and clueless about where to start? Or maybe you're on tight budget and want to do a cheap (but of course nice) party. Or maybe you waited till the last minute to organize your graduate's open house. Regardless, this party planning guide will help you throw the perfect backyard bash! Here are recipes plus shopping lists for groceries, supplies, decorations and equipment. Being the perennial penny pincher, I've listed cheaper and DIY alternatives--to save you money and hassle! Make these cute graduation cap cookies with recipes included. Oh, and if you can't find square chocolate cookies, you can use chocolate candy squares, like Hershey's. I think I forgot to mention that.  Budget Graduation Party Open House Shopping Guide With Recipes

School Memorial Day Pageant and Party, Educational, Patriotic, Nostaglic

Memorial Day, the last Monday in May goes by several names: Remembrance Day and Decoration Day. It falls on May 26, 2014, this year. We honor fallen military and our loved ones who have passed. Teachers and homeschool families, here's an educational Memorial Day pageant planner with U.S. history tie-ins, American patriotic themes and a vintage flavor. Educational, Vintage Memorial Day Student Pageant and Party

Free Printable Spider-Man Coloring Pages and Party Crafts

Calling all Spiderman fans--the Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened last week. Planning a Spider-Man themed birthday party? Then you need these free printable Spider-Man coloring pages. Use them for invitations, greeting cards, decorations, crafts, placemats, even games. You could even color and fold and staple to make party loot bags. Or wrap presents in coloring pages. There's a fun child-minder activity to keep siblings occupied during party preparations! Free Printable Spider-Man Coloring Pages

50+ Mother's Day Gifts Priced Under $5

Mother's Day approaches and you find yourself with more special ladies to remember than money in your pocket. As a 25-year mom, let me assure you the thought really does count. Gifts aren't necessary. Having said that, I know you want to remember mom, grandmother, aunt, friend, teacher, wife, girlfriend on Mother's Day.
Well, I am also the Penny Pincher diva (visit my blog at ). And I know of hundreds nice gifts you can get under $5. When I originally wrote this I said under $10. But I realized you could find most even cheaper still at Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Sam's Club, Dollar General, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Menards, World Market and other outlets. Check sales and clearance. Here are fifty Mother's Day gift ideas for your penny wise shopping list.  50+ Mother's Day Gifts Priced Under $10 

Recycled Earth Day Crafts, Spring Birthday Party Activities

Hosting an Earth Day event? Or maybe a spring birthday party? Need cool recycled crafts? Why not repurpose that ubiquitous plastic milk jug from landfill fodder to sand toys or gardening tools? Make a set of eight tools. Perfect for Earth Day, preschool, school, scout troop, 4H group, camp and day care. Perfect small hands and young gardeners. Reuse or recycle. You will need: -two clean plastic milk jugs per child

-permanent marker

-scissors (children's Fiskars scissors work great) Read on Beach Sand and Gardening Toys from Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs

Easy, Edible, Eco-Friendly Easter Bunny Crafts

Spring is in the air! Time for Easter crafts-baskets, candy, baby animals and best of all, bunnies! Looking for cute Easter bunny-themed crafts to make? Here are three easy, ultra-cute projects for ages 2 to 102 (don't forget seniors--they love crafts too). Perfect for a secular Easter party. Easy, Edible and Eco-Friendly Easter Bunny-Themed Crafts

Easter Bunny-Themed Crafts and Snacks

Spring is the time to think Easter parties. Easter crafts-baskets, candy, baby animals and best of all, bunnies! Looking for cute Easter bunny-themed crafts to make? Here are easy cheap crafts and bunny snacks for parties. All ages will love them.  Easy, Edible and Eco-Friendly Easter Bunny-Themed Crafts

Disney's 'Frozen' Party Treat Recipes, Winter-Themed Snacks

If you see one movie this winter, make it "Frozen." It's an arctic adventure like Hans Christian Andersen's "Fairy Snow Queen." Disney's Frozen is a perfect theme for a winter birthday or just-because party. Here's a menu of Frozen-inspired snacks kids will love.  Disney's 'Frozen' Party Treat Recipes, Winter-Themed Snacks for Kids

Easy Winter Olympics, Snow Games Party for Kids

Raise your hand if you've had it with winter. You parents and teachers must be especially tired of dealing with bored kids stuck inside. How about an end-of-winter blowout? A winter blues buster: throw a snowtastic party. Celebrate the closing of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and extend the fun with your own game variations. Here are safe, easy snow activities requiring no fancy equipment. Extend Winter Olympics: Easy Snow Games and Sports for Kids 

Host a Jack and Jill Guys and Gals Bridal Shower

I just wrote about the bridal shower we threw for our oldest daughter. And a friend asked if it was "Jack and Jill?" Meaning unisex, where both genders were invited. It was and I've actually written articles on hosting a shower where men and women were invited. I'd never heard it called "Jack and Jill" and I like that term better than others, like genderless shower. Read on. Host a Jack and Jill Genderless Bridal Shower

Free Printable Valentines to Cut and Color

Yea! It's almost Valentines Day party time (say the kids). Boo, more work and stuff to buy (says the tired overworked parent). Well, no need to do or buy anything, busy mom. The free printable goddess has you covered. Printable valentines cards, crafts, party decorations. Print in black and white and put those restless kids to work coloring and making their valentines. That should keep them busy for a good hour while you and I have a glass of wine. Shall I pour? :) Free (Yes Free!) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 Year of the Horse Party

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, begins late January or early February on the western calendar. CNY 2014 starts January 31. It's Year of the Horse. Here are easy, inexpensive ideas to throw a CNY festival in class or at home. I've included horse-themed activities. Celebrate the 2014 Chinese New Year With Kids

2014 Chinese New Year of the Horse Crafts for Parties

Chinese New Year begins early this 2014. January 31 starts new year and the Lantern Festival ends it about two weeks later. This year, we celebrate the Year of the Horse. CNY is also called the Spring Festival. I'd love to visit China--all that festivity! The theme is Good Fortune and the expression is written how westerners would say it "Gong Hay Fat Choy!" a wish expressing luck for the coming year. Here are free printables for a Year of the Horse party.  2014 Chinese New Year of the Horse Crafts for Kids  2014 Chinese New Year of the Horse Crafts for Kids 

Free Chinese New Year Year of the Horse Party Printables

Chinese New Year 2014 celebrates the Year of the Horse or Wu Ma. It begins January 31 in 2014. Hosting a CNY party? Here are free printable resources, lessons, crafts, puzzles, games, decorations. There are Kung Fu Panda and lantern festival crafts, too. Teachers and homeschoolser, use these for world connections.  Free Printable Activities for the Chinese New Year


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