Free Printable Wiccan Crafts for Autumnal Equinox, Samhain

The Wiccan (pagan) holiday of Samhain is celebrated on Oct. 31, along with Halloween. Samhain activities include bonfires, incantations and magic of all kinds. Here are free printable Wiccan, fairy and pagan coloring pages and crafts. These would fit in with Halloween activities. Use them for social studies to explore different world religions. Use for literature studies of fantasy genre and to supplement reading on witchcraft and magic-themed fiction. I've included companion literature suggestions. Why not use these free printable wiccan crafts in a book party or social studies culture celebration? There are crafts and activities for all holidays on the wiccan calendar: Use for at-home wiccan observances, too. Free Printable Wiccan, Fairies, Witches Coloring Craft Activities

Cheap, parent-friendly kids' birthday party tips

As a mom to four kids, ages 24 to 14, I've planned a plethora of kids' parties. I'm also a teacher and I've hosted numerous classroom events. I've had some great successes and colossal fails. From those experiences, I've put together a list of tips for parents on planning kids' parties. These activities work for both gender parties. I did a lot of parties as a "single mom" as my husband worked a lot and couldn't help. I've written these tips with single adults in mind. Being a frugalista, these hints focus on cheap, homemade party ideas.  I've included some free printable party games and crafts, too. Cheap, parent-friendly kids' birthday party tips 

Easy, cheap kids fall birthday party tips

Got a child with a fall birthday? Autumn is a great time for an outdoor birthday party. Sometimes, fall outdoor parties are easier to manage because it's cooler. Here's an easy, cheap kids' birthday bash, suitable for preschool to elementary age children. I've included tips for food, crafts, games, activities and cleanup.  Easy, cheap kids' fall birthday party tips


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