Free printable baby shower games, shower invitations, baby shower cards

There are several ways to host an inexpensive, tasteful baby shower. If you would like to host a baby shower, here are ways to save money: create free printable baby shower games, invitations, shower cards and decorations.  

Free printable color your own cartoon kids birthday cards, invitations |

Giving birthday cards along with other greetings cards is a time-honored tradition. Children love receiving birthday cards. But with greeting cards a $4 cards now, it's too expensive. So that's why free printable greeting cards from internet websites are so awesome. Here's a list of free printable color your own cartoon greeting cards and kids birthday cards for kids  Free printable color your own cartoon kids birthday cards, invitations |

Valentine candy alternatives, 100 non-food, candy-free Valentine's Day treats

Valentine's Day = candy, right? It shouldn't. Children already eat too much junk. And what about those with health concerns? Last year the Teal Pumpkin Project identified houses giving away peanut-free, allergy free snacks for safe trick-or-treating. How about we continue that and give Valentine candy alternatives? Or just pass out valentines. It was good enough for us, when I was a kid. If you do want to give out prizes, keep it simple. Here are 100 non-food valentine stuffers. Find them cheap in bulk packs at dollar stores, Walmart, Family Dollar. Try to give useful things.   Valentine candy alternatives, 100 non-food, sugarless Valentine's Day treats |

Free Vacation Bible School printables, Bible coloring pages, Christian crafts |

Are you throwing a Christian themed party for religious ed, CCD, Sunday school or a parish festival?You'll want Christian themed clipart to use for decorations. A very popular summer activity is VBS, or Vacation Bible School. Almost every local church sponsers a week-long Vacation Bible School. And don't let the term 'school' intimidate. Most VBS programs are fun-filled, hands-on and activity based. Here are free printable Vacation Bible School crafts, lesson plans, games and Bible activities. These general Bible crafts are suitable for Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians. Old Testament activities would work for Jewish families.  Free Vacation Bible School printables, Bible coloring pages, Christian crafts |


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