Free Printable Clipart, Graphics for Party Decorations

Do you need holiday clipart or graphics? Get thee to Pic Gifs for all the free clipart, animated gifs, images, banners, graphics your little heart craves. There are even sparkle graphics and personalized animated banners like the ones shown here. Be still my beating heart. Just in time for Easter!   Free Personalized Clipart, Sparkle Graphics, Animated Gifs

Host a Jack and Jill Guys and Gals Bridal Shower

I just wrote about the bridal shower we threw for our oldest daughter. And a friend asked if it was "Jack and Jill?" Meaning unisex, where both genders were invited. It was and I've actually written articles on hosting a shower where men and women were invited. I'd never heard it called "Jack and Jill" and I like that term better than others, like genderless shower. Read on. Host a Jack and Jill Genderless Bridal Shower

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics XXII Party Planner for Kids

Sochi, Russia is the place to be for the 2014 Winter Olympics XXII games. If you can't be there, why not bring the games to you? Host a viewing party with this easy, inexpensive family-friendly game plan with food, decorations and crafts.

* Decorations: Put kids to work making crafts. This is a great way to occupy restless little ones. Set up a crafts table in case children get bored watching the games, too. Here are printable Olympic crafts from DL-TK.  Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics XXII Family-Friendly Party Ideas

Free Printable Valentines to Cut and Color

Yea! It's almost Valentines Day party time (say the kids). Boo, more work and stuff to buy (says the tired overworked parent). Well, no need to do or buy anything, busy mom. The free printable goddess has you covered. Printable valentines cards, crafts, party decorations. Print in black and white and put those restless kids to work coloring and making their valentines. That should keep them busy for a good hour while you and I have a glass of wine. Shall I pour? :) Free (Yes Free!) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids


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