Budget Graduation Open House Planner, Shopping Guide, Recipes

Hosting a graduation open house and clueless about where to start? Or maybe you're on tight budget and want to do a cheap (but of course nice) party. Or maybe you waited till the last minute to organize your graduate's open house. Regardless, this party planning guide will help you throw the perfect backyard bash! Here are recipes plus shopping lists for groceries, supplies, decorations and equipment. Being the perennial penny pincher, I've listed cheaper and DIY alternatives--to save you money and hassle! Make these cute graduation cap cookies with recipes included. Oh, and if you can't find square chocolate cookies, you can use chocolate candy squares, like Hershey's. I think I forgot to mention that.  Budget Graduation Party Open House Shopping Guide With Recipes

School Memorial Day Pageant and Party, Educational, Patriotic, Nostaglic

Memorial Day, the last Monday in May goes by several names: Remembrance Day and Decoration Day. It falls on May 26, 2014, this year. We honor fallen military and our loved ones who have passed. Teachers and homeschool families, here's an educational Memorial Day pageant planner with U.S. history tie-ins, American patriotic themes and a vintage flavor. Educational, Vintage Memorial Day Student Pageant and Party

Free Printable Spider-Man Coloring Pages and Party Crafts

Calling all Spiderman fans--the Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened last week. Planning a Spider-Man themed birthday party? Then you need these free printable Spider-Man coloring pages. Use them for invitations, greeting cards, decorations, crafts, placemats, even games. You could even color and fold and staple to make party loot bags. Or wrap presents in coloring pages. There's a fun child-minder activity to keep siblings occupied during party preparations! Free Printable Spider-Man Coloring Pages


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