Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Planning on throwing any bridal showers this year? Why not save time, energy and money by using free printable bridal shower games. Here are free printable wedding shower games, bingo games, word games, puzzles and more. You'll find all the best party games for great bridal showers.
Bridal Shower Games (click here) has several free printable bridal shower games, including Know the Bride (nice version and naughty version), Wedding A-Z word game, wedding word scramble, bingo games, word search for bridal showers, What's in Your Purse? and a customizable free printable bingo games for bridal showers.
Abbee is a one-stop website for all your free printable activities for bridal showers. You're linked to the 'free printable bridal shower games' page. On that page, you'll find links for four lists of games for wedding showers. Some are game descriptions and others are free printable activities.
Bridal Shower Games list one has links for free printable wedding shower bingo games and word lists, free printable word scramble games, famous couples wedding shower games, Guess Who? Don't Say or Do and other word games for wedding showers.
Bridal Shower Games list two has a free printable wedding shower games of memory, Hunt the thimble, The Price is Right, Herbs and Spices, Wedding Dress bridal shower game, How Well do You Know the Bride? and several other wedding shower games.

Bridal Shower Games has Rhyming, British Equivalents, Lucky Coin and other wedding shower games. Bridal shower games list four has similar games to the others already listed. Altogether, Abbee has around twenty free printable bingo games, word games and wedding shower games for your next bridal shower.  free printable bridal shower word games 

Free Printable All Saints Day Party Coloring Pages

Free Printable Catholic Saints Coloring Pages for All Saints Day
I've just found a lovely blog today, called Waltzing Matilda, that features a whole collection of free printable Catholic saints organized in order of the Catholic liturgical and saints feast day calendar. This blog features beautiful hand drawn images. Read More

Free Printable Paper Hats for Halloween

Free Printable Paper Hat Patterns, Templates and Craft Projects When I was a kid, my grandfather, who was newspaper pressroom foreman, showed me how to fold hats from newspaper. Can I remember now? No. But fortunately, there's internet. Here are free printable templates, patterns and activities for paper hats. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Crafts, Trick or Treat Masks, Paper Toys

Free Printable Halloween Crafts,  Trick or Treat Masks, Party Decorations, Craft Activities It's that time of year again. Time to scare and be scared. This Halloween, I've got even more free printable craft fun than ever before. I found a new website with literally hundreds of links for free printable paper crafts, toys, masks and costumes. Read More

Free Printable Angelina Ballerina Coloring Pages, Party Invitations

Angelina Ballerina is an endearing series of childrens' stories from Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig, featuring a little mouse named Angelina, who takes ballet and her friends. Here are free printable Angelina Ballerina coloring pages and crafts.
PBS Kids has a cute assortment of free printable Angelina Ballerina coloring pages featuring Angelina and her friend Alice Nimbletoes, grandma and grandpa mouse, Angelina's mother and father Maurice and Mathilda Mousling, Miss Lilly dance mistress of Camembert Dance Academy, Henry, Angelina's little cousin, Sammy Watts, Penelope and Priscilla Pinkpaws, William Longtail, Polly, Queen Sepharina and Princess Valentine.
Angelina Ballerina is the homepage for Angelina Mousling. Along with free printable coloring pages, you can find free printable Angelina Ballerina activities. Get free printable Angelina Ballerina crafts, door hangers, bookmarks, post cards and picture frames. There are also games to play, like jigsaw puzzles, tile matching games, sing along, Dance with Me, Reach for the Stars and other charming little games to play with Angelina Ballerina and friends.
Nick, printable crafts, activities and games for Angelina Ballerina.
Coloring has assorted 
free printable ballet coloring pages and crafts featuring couples, specific dance positions and ballet steps, famous ballerinas, costumes from famous ballets and general ballet coloring pages. These coloring pages would make excellent supplemental resources for dance class and physical education.

Free Printable Despicable Me Coloring Pages

Free Printable Despicable Me Coloring Pages, Minions Coloring Pages Steve Carell took some time off from The Office, to bring us the box office hit cartoon Despicable Me, complete with fun-sized little yellow minions. I personally thought the theme song was the best I'd heard from a kids' movie. If you need free printable Despicable Me coloring pages and minions craft activities, Read More

Free Printable Disney UP Party Games, Crafts, Decorations, Invitations

Free Printable Disney UP Craft Activities and Party Decorations
Walt Disney's full length movie UP about balloon man Carl Fredricks and his would-be Wilderness Explorer friend Russell came out in 2009. If you loved UP, you'll love these free printable craft activities and party supplies. Read More


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