Easy Kids 4th of July Party Planners--History, Crafts, Games, Food, Fun

Here's a blowout of crafts, games, activities, coloring pages, food and fun for 4th of July.

Check out my friend Karen Barnes' printable coloring pages article. Karen is the goddess of cool printable crafts.

And for 4th-festival sweet treats recipes, here are tummy-yummies from my pal Linda Ann Nickerson--4th of July Desserts and Treats.

My buddy Marie Anne St. Jean shares pet-friendly 4th of July picnic ideas (I love the costume ideas!).

From food guru (and all-round fun gal) Debbie Henthorn, here are No Ho-Hum Burgers--Entrees for the 4th of July.

Crafty Kay Wittenhauer shares this crocheted patriotic wreath pattern (My hat is off to yarn divas. In my hands, needles become weapons of mass destruction!)

Sylvia Cochran provides links for 4th of July history lesson plans and crafts. I love how she groups them by age-appropriate level.

Music is a must for celebrating our nation's birthday. My gal pal Carly Hart shares patriotic play list for 4th of July parties.

How about throwing an America birthday party for a fun and educational 4th of July? Children and adults of all ages will love these inexpensive games, crafts, activities and food.  Easy Kids' 4th of July Party Planner with U.S. History Ideas.

However you celebrate the 4th of July, be safe. If you're working, thanks for your contribution. 

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts for Dads of Any Age, Interest, Budget

Written for Christmas, this article offers appropriate gifts suggestions for Father's Day, too. Why is it that holiday shopping for women is so easy, but finding gifts for men is so difficult? Fathers are especially challenging to shop for. Got a few hard-to-shop for dads on your holiday giving list? Here are the top 10 gifts that are sure to please Dad.

One of the difficult parts about shopping for dads is that some of them say, "I don't need anything for Christmas." You and he both know that you are still going to get him a gift, however. So take him at his word. Buy him a gift that he doesn't need, just for fun. The secret to holiday gift-giving for anyone, especially Dad, is to buy something special, unrelated to work and a little frivolous. Most dads don't buy many luxuries for themselves. Spoil dad a little. I don't mean that you should give dad a useless gift. Remember "Billy Big Mouth Bass," the singing fish plaque? That's not what I mean; give dad a gift which will be a special treat and still useful. Read more at Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Dads of Any Age 


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