Cheap, Easy Preschool Party Planner with Activity Stations

Cheap DIY Party Planner for Preschool Age Children with Activity Stations While there are dozens of adorable little girl party themes, I find it best to go with a simple, inexpensive party theme. Here's a party planner for preschool age children that's full of cheap, diy homemade fun. Based on preschool learning centers. Read More

Despicable Me Minion Birthday Cake, Party Favors Recipes

Make Despicable Me Minions Party Treats and Favors Need ideas for a Despicable Me birthday party theme? I know Twinkies are horrifically unhealthy and that they could survive a nuclear war, but I love them. How about recipes to make Despicable Me minions from Twinkies? Read More

Graduation Cap Mortarboard Cookies for Grad Open Houses

Graduation Party Mortarboard Hat Cookies and Favors Recipes Sheet cakes for graduation open house parties are very expensive. And pretty though the cake may be, they usually taste like cardboard and sweetened shortening. How about cookies shaped like mortarboard graduation hats instead. Here's the recipe. Graduation Hat cookies recipe

Free Printable Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages, Beatrix Potter Party Craft Activities

Free Printable Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages, Beatrix Potter Character Crafts Beatrix Potter, born 1866, is best known for her children's book series The Tale of Peter Rabbit, featuring little woodland creatures. Here are free printable Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter character coloring pages and crafts.
Read More

Free Printable Alice in Wonderland Party Theme Activities

Free Printable Alice in Wonderland Activities and Crafts In 2010, director Tim Burton gave us his vision of Alice in Wonderland, with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red and White Queen. Here are free printable crafts and activities from Disney's movie. Perfect for a birthday party or, naturally, a tea party! Read More

Free Printable Bingo Games- Customize for Holidays, Parties

Free Printable Bingo Games for School, Parties, Holidays Bingo is one of the oldest and most beloved board games. Bingo games can be converted into an endless number of configurations. Teachers use bingo games to teach content. Customize for birthday party, holiday parties and occasion parties. Here are free printable bingo games. Read More


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