Cheap, Easy Preschool Party Planner with Activity Stations

Cheap DIY Party Planner for Preschool Age Children with Activity Stations While there are dozens of adorable little girl party themes, I find it best to go with a simple, inexpensive party theme. Here's a party planner for preschool age children that's full of cheap, diy homemade fun. Based on preschool learning centers. Read More

Despicable Me Minion Birthday Cake, Party Favors Recipes

"Despicable Me", "Despicable Me 2" and "Minions" are huge hit movies with kids and adults. Gru's yellow capsule-shaped minions are especially popular. Need ideas for Despicable Me or Minions birthday cakes? Here are recipes for Despicable Me birthday cakes, using Hostess Twinkies to make Minions. You can actually make Twinkie cake Minions recipes as party games or crafts. Use Twinkies Minions for party favors or edible decorations (eating the party decorations would be very Minion-like indeed!) Here are recipes for Despicable Me Twinkie cake Minions.
Hostess Twinkies: Party guests should get to decorate their own Twinkies Minions to eat.
Bowls of frosting or spray cans of decorator frosting in these colors: blue, black and white
Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers or other small round white candies with holes. If you can find candy necklaces or bracelets, cut the string apart and remove the candies. Cheerios or Alpha-bits cereal would work for Twinkie cake Minions.
blue Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups, blue fruit leather or blue frosting
string black licorice
yellow licorice, cylinder Good n Fruity, Runts or Mike 'n Ike Candies or cylinder cookies (for arms)
Tootsie Roll midgets
To make Despicable Me minions birthday cakes, unwrap Hostess Twinkies. For Minions' safety goggles, attach white candies to front with frosting. Fill in with white frosting then black dots in the center. You can also make a ring of silver frosting with white frosting inside and tiny black dots of frosting in the center. Use black frosting to draw goggles band around the Twinkie cake Minions heads.
Make Minions overalls by wrapping a strip of blue Fruit Roll-Ups wrap around base of Twinkie cake Minions. Draw overall straps with blue spray frosting. If you wish, you can also make overalls entirely from blue frosting. Poke yellow cylinder candies or cookies in sides for arms. Put dabs of frosting on the end for gloves. Attach two unwrapped Tootsie Roll midgets on bottom for feet. Poke bits of licorice in the top for hair.

Guests might name their Twinkies Minions and give them personas. You can also arrange decorated Despicable Me Minions upright on their Tootsie Roll feet and place atop birthday cakes. Or make them into Minions army birthday cakes! Children will love making their own Despicable Me minions treats. For more fun, creative recipes, visit this author's blogs Great Food 4U

Graduation Cap Mortarboard Cookies for Grad Open Houses

Graduation Party Mortarboard Hat Cookies and Favors Recipes Sheet cakes for graduation open house parties are very expensive. And pretty though the cake may be, they usually taste like cardboard and sweetened shortening. How about cookies shaped like mortarboard graduation hats instead. Here's the recipe. Graduation Hat cookies recipe


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