Free Printable Bachelorette Party and Wedding Shower Games

Bridal showers are a blast to the throw, but party planning can get expensive. Why not save money with free printable wedding shower games? Print bride and groom quizzes, bingo, trivia, memory, puzzles, advice and word games. Hosting a bachelorette party for the bride? We've got you covered with free printable party games, too.

  Party Game Ideas has printable games for wedding showers. Some require only instructions and others need game templates that you can print. Note: some are free and others require purchase. Use these instructions to create your own personalized to the bride and groom for whom you're hosting a shower.

  Love to Know has free printable bridal shower games including Famous Couples, What's in the Bride's Purse, wedding word scrambles and crossword puzzles. Scroll down for links to a Mad-Lib type bride and groom fill-in-the-blank, wedding cake words and trivia games.

  Abbee has four lists of bridal shower games including many free printable game templates. There are bingo cards, matching games, wedding dress games, price guessing, herbs and spices, memory, bride trivia and more. There are also directions to play the toilet paper wedding dress game.

  Martha Stewart has an entire wedding section on her website. The bridal shower area has loads of printable games, decorations, crafts, shower invitations, recipes and thank-you notes. I've linked you to the bridal shower theme page. Pick your theme and click on links to activities. If a template is needed, you can print it. You can also choose shower theme by color: pink, purple, white, blue. Select the color and find crafts, patterns, recipes and printables to match.

  Party Game Ideas has bachelorette party games with instructions, details, cocktail recipes and variations. Party Supplies Hut has several printable games women's stag parties or girls' night out. Creative Bridal Shower Ideas has free printable bachelorette word searches and bingo games

Note: these games are adult and use many PG-13 to rated R references. There are drinking games as well. They should not be played at any party where minors are present. Learn from my experience--I was invited to a relative's party and was assured I could bring my 16-year-old daughter as there would be nothing inappropriate. Big mistake--lots of sexual games, "decorations" and crude stuff--you get the picture. We left early and went to lunch together. Also, at the risk of sounding like your grandmother, be careful with drinking games. Drink safely and socialize responsibly.



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