Don't miss world's largest haunted house! Michigan Halloween spook house fun - Grand Rapids Holidays |

Looking for the ultimate Halloween fright night experience? Come visit (if you dare) the world's largest haunted house. Where is it, you ask eagerly? Right downtown Pontiac, Michigan. Erebus (named for the keeper of the underworld), is open nightly till Halloween so get over there. Parents, a word of caution. Know your kids, what will be too scary for them. Don't push spook houses on them if they're frightened. If they're okay with it, well, then read on.

Erebus, located at 18 S. Perry in Pontiac, features four stories of walk-through horrors in a a converted old city parking ramp (how creepy is that?) Creators from Michigan's legendary Haunt spook house, put together this megalith of terror. Zombies, creatures, demons and spooks will scare you silly from beginning to end. Don't waste time checking the website to see what's there--you have to see this haunted house to believe it.  Don't miss world's largest haunted house! Michigan Halloween spook house fun - Grand Rapids Holidays |

Free Printable Angry Birds Coloring Pages and Online Games

Angry Birds began as a mind-bendingly popular video game and has since hatched a slew of merchandise, a cartoon series and now a full-length movie opening in 2016 voiced by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph and Peter Dinklage. There's even a Star Wars Angry Birds. Adults and kids love the games. Here are free printable Angry Birds coloring pages. Use them for Angry Birds themed party decorations, cards and invitations! Free Printable Angry Birds Coloring Pages and Games


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