My Cheap Wedding Under $1,000 for Everything

My husband and I paid for own wedding, reception and honeymoon. We had a cheap wedding, charged nothing and paid it off without going into debt. We paid under $1,000 for a 200-guest wedding, including wedding dress, accessories, attire, tuxedo, invitations, stationary, flowers, decorations, church, music, minister stipend, rental equipment, hairstylist and pictures. Here's how.  My Cheap Wedding Under $1,000 for Everything 

Back to School Party, Labor Day Social Studies Lesson Plans

Labor Day makes us think of picnics, parades and the last vacation before school starts. It's important to remember why we have a Labor Day and what it's all about. Labor Day is a day set aside to honor the work that people perform to care for loved ones and keep our country functioning. We honor too those who have lost their lives on the job, in accidents, strikes, lockouts or in the labor organizing process. Here's a classroom party planner for Labor Day Social Studies Lesson Planner. There are career day ideas, a preschool occupations unit and activities to explore the holiday.

Free Printable Star Charts, Night Sky Maps for Perseid Meteor Shower Party, Mars Party

Just in time for the Perseids meteor shower (August 11, 2012, morning crescent) here are printable night sky maps and star charts. Okay, an annual meteor shower isn't a holiday, but I think it's a reason to have a party. You might also use the for a Mars party to celebrate the landing of the Curiosity rover on the red planet.

Astronomy is one of the most fascinating sciences to share with kids. Stars are only visible at night, but kids can enjoy stargazing each night mostly anywhere and it costs nothing. Piggybacking on my star-gazing slumber party ideas, here are Free Printable Star Charts, Constellation Maps for Astronomy and Earth Science.


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