Free Printable Valentines Day Craft Activities and Decorations

Free Printable Valentines Day Craft Activities and Decorations Looking for cute free Valentines Day craft activities and party decorations? Here are websites full of free printable crafts, games, party supplies, greeting cards, valentines and holiday activities. Perfect for classroom valentine exchanges and parties. These are perfect for home and classroom use, day care, senior centers, craft clubs, 4H, scouts, church groups and more. Read on...

Free Printable Super Bowl Party Games, Football Coloring Pages

Free Printable Super Bowl and Football Coloring Pages Super Bowl Sunday rolls around and you have invited a house full of friends. The food is ready, the remote at hand. One problem. Your wife decides to leave the children with you and go shopping. Here are free printable Super Bowl coloring pages, games, word puzzles and crafts, to entertain the kiddies so you can enjoy the game. If your kids love the Super Bowl like you but can't last the whole show, these free printable activities will keep them out of mischief when they get restless. You might even use these with your friends if the half-time activities get boring. Read on...

Free Printable Epiphany and Three Kings Day Party Crafts and Game Activities

Free Printable Epiphany, Twelfth Night, Three Kings Day Crafts, Games, Coloring, Activities Epiphany celebrates the Twelfth Night after Christmas. Epiphany, or Three Kings' Day, on January 6, commemorates the visit of the Magi or Wisemen. Here are free printable Epiphany games and crafts to celebrate Three Kings Day. Epiphany is the gift-giving holiday in many countries. Many cultures and traditions have parties to celebrate the coming of the Wisemen to visit and honor baby Jesus. Print and enjoy these holiday crafts for Epiphany. Perfect for social studies, homeschool, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, 4H, day care. Epiphany makes a great back-to-school lesson plan, too. Read on


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