My Cheap Wedding Reception Under $800

My husband and I paid for our own wedding and reception. We paid everything off in advance, incurred no debt and charged nothing. Our cheap wedding reception cost under $800 for 150 people, including food, cake, decorations, music, flowers, equipment and hall rental. This was 25 years ago, but I could still do it today and so can you. Just follow our frugal lead.  My Cheap Wedding Reception Under $800

Anti Halloween Alternative Party, Family Activities to Trick or Treat, Celebrate Halloween at Home

Halloween is one of the top three events (with birthday and Christmas) most children look forward to each year. Some kids plan their trick or treat costumes months in advance. So what happens, if, when the big day rolls around, the child is too ill to trick or treat? Here are activities you can do at home. These tips will work for parents who don't like door-to-door trick or treating, or who are religiously opposed to Halloween, too. Use these ideas for church harvest party Halloween alternative events, too. Anti-Halloween alternative games, crafts, candy and treat ideas.  Family Activities to Trick or Treat, Celebrate Halloween with a Sick Child


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