Epiphany or Three Kings Day Party Planner

Epiphany, the holiday celebrated in the Roman Catholic church and the eastern orthodox churches on January 6 is right around the corner. Why not combine celebrate this lovely holiday feast day with a party?Round out the winter vacation and holiday break and make the return to studies a positive time by celebrating Epiphany. Looking for free printable epiphany party crafts? Read on ...

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Party and Fiesta Planner

December 12 is the day we in the Roman Catholic church celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We commemorate the apparition or appearance of Mary, Our Blessed Mother, to Juan Diego, a poor native Indian. Here are activities to explore this most significant cultural and spiritual event. Read on...

How to Plan a Cultural Heritage Festival

Social studies involves three major areas of study: geography, history and culture (including traditions, religion, food and customs). One of the best ways to explore all aspects of social studies in your classroom is to host a holiday heritage festival. Here's how...

Free Printable Stone Soup Lesson Plans for Thanksgiving

'Stone Soup' parties are popular classroom activities. 'Stone Soup' by Jon Muth, Marcia Brown or Ann McGovern are all great versions of the old story. Use 'Stone Soup' in your holiday and Thanksgiving classroom activities. Here are lessons from 'Stone Soup'. Read on

Free Printable Disney Tangled Activities

Disney has a new princess: Rapunzel, in the new movie Tangled. But this is not sweet, docile Rapunzel of fairy tales. This maiden and her irrepressible hair are out to do things their own way. Here are free printable Tangled games, coloring pages and activities for Rapunzel or Tangled themed parties. Click here.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Party Decorations

Free Printable Thanksgiving Party Decorations Looking for free printable table decor and party decorations for your Thanksgiving dinner? Martha Stewart is the go-to gal. Here are free printable Thanksgiving place cards, centerpieces, napkin rings and decor featuring pilgrims, turkeys and more. Read More

Free Printable Crafts for Hindu Diwali Celebrations

Free Printable Diwali Party Supplies, Rangoli Crafts Diwali, also called Deepvail and Divali, is a five day festival celebrated by Hindus and followers of Jainism and Sikhism. Diwali 2012 is celebrated from November 7-13 in the western calendar. Here are free printable Diwali crafts activities. Read More

Catholic All Saints Day Party Games and Activities

Catholic All Saints Day Party Games Catholics celebrate All Saints Day on November 1, following All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween. Families and churches seeking alternatives to Halloween celebrate All Saints Eve parties. Here are games to play for your All Saints Day or All Saints Eve party. Read More

Catholic All Saints Day Party Games- Saints Scavenger Hunt

All Saints Day Party Games: Saints Scavenger Hunt and Riddle Guessing Games Planning an All Saints Day party or party after All Saints Eve mass? Here are several free printable party games. I've written several variations of an All Saints Scavenger Hunt and Riddle Game. Print these clues for your All Saints Party.
Read More

Free Printable Dia de los Muertos Activities, Day of the Dead Party Games

Dia De Los Muertos - Day of the Dead Celebration and Party Activities
The Latino culture has shared many rich traditions. Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), celebrated on November 1 -All Saints Day in the Catholic church- honors deceased relatives. Here are free printable activities and lessons to celebrate Day of the Dead. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Party Invitations, Trick or Treat Cards

Free Printable Halloween Trick or Treat Cards and Party Invitations Planning a kids' Halloween party or Trick or Treat party? Everything seems to cost so much; how about skipping the expensive cards and invitations for your party? Here are cute kid-friendly, not too scary Halloween greeting cards and invitations. Read More

Free Printable Tron Legacy Party Craft Activities

Free Printable Tron Legacy Coloring Pages and Craft Activities Disney Tron Legacy 3D opens in movie theaters December 17, 2010. Tron Legacy is based on the 1982 sci-fi cult classic Tron starring Jeff Bridges. Here are free printable Tron coloring pages and crafts. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Party Supplies, Trick or Treat Party Decorations

Free Printable Halloween Party Decorations,  Trick or Treat Banners and Streamer Hosting a kids' Halloween party? Looking for ways to decorate the house for trick or treat? Want to decorate your classroom for Halloween? Here are free printable Halloween decorations: witch, pumpkin, ghost, black cats, monsters and more. Read More

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games: Bingo, Word Games, Quizzes and More Throwing a bridal shower for a bride-to-be? Why not save time, energy and money by using free printable bridal shower games. Here are free printable bridal shower bingo games, word games, puzzles and more. All the best games for a great bridal shower. Read More

Free Printable All Saints Day Party Coloring Pages

Free Printable Catholic Saints Coloring Pages for All Saints Day
I've just found a lovely blog today, called Waltzing Matilda, that features a whole collection of free printable Catholic saints organized in order of the Catholic liturgical and saints feast day calendar. This blog features beautiful hand drawn images. Read More

Free Printable Paper Hats for Halloween

Free Printable Paper Hat Patterns, Templates and Craft Projects When I was a kid, my grandfather, who was newspaper pressroom foreman, showed me how to fold hats from newspaper. Can I remember now? No. But fortunately, there's internet. Here are free printable templates, patterns and activities for paper hats. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Crafts, Trick or Treat Masks, Paper Toys

Free Printable Halloween Crafts,  Trick or Treat Masks, Party Decorations, Craft Activities It's that time of year again. Time to scare and be scared. This Halloween, I've got even more free printable craft fun than ever before. I found a new website with literally hundreds of links for free printable paper crafts, toys, masks and costumes. Read More

Free Printable Angelina Ballerina Coloring Pages, Party Invitations

Free Printable Angelina Ballerina Coloring Pages Angelina Ballerina is an endearing series of childrens' stories from Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig, featuring a little mouse named Angelina, who takes ballet and her friends. Here are free printable Angelina Ballerina coloring pages and crafts. Read More

Free Printable Despicable Me Coloring Pages

Free Printable Despicable Me Coloring Pages, Minions Coloring Pages Steve Carell took some time off from The Office, to bring us the box office hit cartoon Despicable Me, complete with fun-sized little yellow minions. I personally thought the theme song was the best I'd heard from a kids' movie. If you need free printable Despicable Me coloring pages and minions craft activities, Read More

Free Printable Disney UP Party Games, Crafts, Decorations, Invitations

Free Printable Disney UP Craft Activities and Party Decorations
Walt Disney's full length movie UP about balloon man Carl Fredricks and his would-be Wilderness Explorer friend Russell came out in 2009. If you loved UP, you'll love these free printable craft activities and party supplies. Read More

Free Printable Patriotic Crafts and Party Planner

Free Printable All American Patriotic Summer Crafts Family Fun is a well-named magazine. Cover to cover each issue of family fun is loaded with recipes, games, crafts, activities and free printable fun. Here is a list of free printable patriotic and all-American themed craft activities from Family Fun. Read More

Unique Party Invitation Ideas

Cheap Creative Party Invitation Ideas Planning an event, party, get-together, shower, reunion or open house? Who wants to settle for sending out boring old invitations when you could use a really creative unique way to announce the party? Here are altenative party invitation ideas.Read More

Cheap Sweet 16 Party Planner

Inexpensive Backyard Sweet 16 Birthday Party Planner: DIY Dance Floor and Beach Cabana Bar For our oldest daughter's Sweet 16 birthday party, we pulled out all the stops on our creative energy. Here is an inexpensive backyard Sweet 16 birthday party planner with music, dancing, non-alcoholic beach luau bar, diy cake, treats and games. Read More

Free Printable Greeting Cards and Party Invitations for Children

Free Printable Party Invitations and All Occasion Greeting Cards for Kids
Making and sending greeting cards has been a time-honored tradition in my classroom and homeschool. We made Get Well Soon, birthday, holiday cards. We made our own invitations, too. Here are free printable invites and greeting cards. Read More

Cheap, Easy Preschool Party Planner with Activity Stations

Cheap DIY Party Planner for Preschool Age Children with Activity Stations While there are dozens of adorable little girl party themes, I find it best to go with a simple, inexpensive party theme. Here's a party planner for preschool age children that's full of cheap, diy homemade fun. Based on preschool learning centers. Read More

Despicable Me Minion Birthday Cake, Party Favors Recipes

Make Despicable Me Minions Party Treats and Favors Need ideas for a Despicable Me birthday party theme? I know Twinkies are horrifically unhealthy and that they could survive a nuclear war, but I love them. How about recipes to make Despicable Me minions from Twinkies? Read More

Graduation Cap Mortarboard Cookies for Grad Open Houses

Graduation Party Mortarboard Hat Cookies and Favors Recipes Sheet cakes for graduation open house parties are very expensive. And pretty though the cake may be, they usually taste like cardboard and sweetened shortening. How about cookies shaped like mortarboard graduation hats instead. Here's the recipe. Graduation Hat cookies recipe

Free Printable Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages, Beatrix Potter Party Craft Activities

Free Printable Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages, Beatrix Potter Character Crafts Beatrix Potter, born 1866, is best known for her children's book series The Tale of Peter Rabbit, featuring little woodland creatures. Here are free printable Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter character coloring pages and crafts.
Read More

Free Printable Alice in Wonderland Party Theme Activities

Free Printable Alice in Wonderland Activities and Crafts In 2010, director Tim Burton gave us his vision of Alice in Wonderland, with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red and White Queen. Here are free printable crafts and activities from Disney's movie. Perfect for a birthday party or, naturally, a tea party! Read More

Free Printable Bingo Games- Customize for Holidays, Parties

Free Printable Bingo Games for School, Parties, Holidays Bingo is one of the oldest and most beloved board games. Bingo games can be converted into an endless number of configurations. Teachers use bingo games to teach content. Customize for birthday party, holiday parties and occasion parties. Here are free printable bingo games. Read More

Free Printable Toy Story Crafts, Party Activities

Free Printable Toy Story Coloring Pages, Crafts, Toys and Activities
Raise your hand if you love the Toy Story trilogy? Here are free printable Toy Story coloring pages and party supplies.  Woody, Buzz, Andy, Bo Peep, Lotso, Slink, Ham, Mr. Potato Head and all your Toy Story friends. Use these for a Toy Story themed birthday party. Read More

Free Printable Disney Princess Party Craft Activities

Free Printable Disney Princess Party Crafts Activities, Greeting Cards and Party Supplies Disney's princesses, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Jasmine and now Tiana have been childrens' favorites for generations. Here are free printable Disney princess craft activities, greeting cards and party supplies. Use for a Disney princess party! Read More


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