Free Printable Stone Soup Lesson Plans for Thanksgiving

'Stone Soup' parties are popular classroom activities. 'Stone Soup' by Jon Muth, Marcia Brown or Ann McGovern are all great versions of the old story. Use 'Stone Soup' in your holiday and Thanksgiving classroom activities. Here are lessons from 'Stone Soup'. Read on

Free Printable Disney Tangled Activities

Did you like Disney "Brave" or Disney "Tangled"based on the Grimm Brothers story of Rapunzel? Brave, with Princess Merida and Tangled with the Rapunzel herione are newer Disney princess movie. They're not your average "boy meets girl, falls in love" Disney cartoon. Neither Princess Merida nor the Rapunzel of Tangled are your mother's fairy tale damsel in distress. This new breed Disney princess is so tough even her hair has an attitude! And the title of Tangled is so wonderfully farcical. It juxtaposes well with the stereotypical neat coiffure of your standard Disney princess.
Princess Meridia and Rapunzel are tied for first place to the Disney princess least in control of her locks. Disney needs a musical for those two called "Hair." Anyway, here are free printable Disney Tangled coloring pages and Disney Brave coloring pages and activities.
Here's the Disney Tangled homepage with free downloads and free printable Rapunzel of Disney Tangled crafts, coloring pages and games. Hello Kids has more free printable Tangled coloring pages. Colouring Pages has some more coloring pages of Rapunzel from Disney Tangled to print free. Coloring Book Info has a slightly larger collection of Disney Tangled coloring pages. Last but not least here are more free printable Disney Tangled coloring pages of Rapunzel and her wayward hair, Flynn Rider, the king and queen and more.
Disney Brave takes place in 10th century Scotland. It features a spunky, red-haired Disney Princess who's more interested in archery than handsome princes, especially those looking for matrimony. Start your quest for adventure at the official Disney Brave website, here. You'll find Disney Brave games including Triplet Mischief (based on the antics of the rascally brothers of Princess Merida), Highland Games, Target Challenge (to hone your bow and arrow skills) and Temple Challenge.
Then create a Disney Brave themed birthday party--the website has everything you need to do so. Get free printable Disney Brave paper crafts, recipes and party supplies. Print free Disney Brave party invitations and send to guests. There's a free printable Disney Brave activity booklet, Disney Brave paper dolls and 3D play set featuring Princess Merida and friends. There is also a printable paper crown like Queen Elinor's for the birthday child. Guests will enjoy making shrink charms. Serve chocolate bear claws and Scottish sweet buns using the recipes provided. Follow up your party with free printable Disney Brave thank-you notes. Get 82 free printable Disney Brave coloring pagesfrom Coloring Book Info.

Last if you like medieval fantasy activities, visit Jane and the Dragon. You can't help but notice the resemblance in looks and manner between Princess Merida and Jane and the Dragon. This New Zealand WETA Workshop 2005 cartoon looks like it was probably the inspiration for Disney Brave in 2012. The Jane and the Dragon girl is a princess, has unruly red hair, subdues dragons and does other un-princess-y stuff, just like Princess Merida. There's no clear indication that Brave is based on Jane and the Dragon on either end. But if you love medieval fantasy role play, enjoy Jane and the Dragon!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Party Decorations

Free Printable Thanksgiving Party Decorations Looking for free printable table decor and party decorations for your Thanksgiving dinner? Martha Stewart is the go-to gal. Here are free printable Thanksgiving place cards, centerpieces, napkin rings and decor featuring pilgrims, turkeys and more. Read More

Free Printable Crafts for Hindu Diwali Celebrations

Free Printable Diwali Party Supplies, Rangoli Crafts Diwali, also called Deepvail and Divali, is a five day festival celebrated by Hindus and followers of Jainism and Sikhism. Diwali 2012 is celebrated from November 7-13 in the western calendar. Here are free printable Diwali crafts activities. Read More


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