Free Printable 4th of July Arts and Crafts, Holiday History Activities

Throwing a 4th of July party? If you've got children or are inviting kids, you'll want to have activities to keep them busy. How about patriotic American themed crafts with an educational flair? Perfect for home school get-togethers, school festivals, classroom lesson plans, community social events and good old family fun! Activities are geared for preschool to high school. Educational 4th of July Arts and Crafts, Holiday History Lessons for Kids

Free Printable Wedding Planners, Online Bridal Organizers, Checklists, Expense Sheets

When we got married in 1987, my husband and I paid for our own wedding, paid everything off without credit and incurred no debt. We kept wedding plus reception costs to under $1,800. Granted this was almost 30 years ago. But we could still do an affordable, credit-free wedding and so can you. How? By cutting spending on service costs. Like wedding planners? Who ever said

you needed to hire someone? Brides and grooms, do it yourself and save big. After all, who knows better than the two of you, what you want? And who wants to start married life in debt for things you didn't need? Here are free printable wedding planners to help. Print organizers, gift registry trackers, checklists, guides, schedules, calendars, budget tools and expense sheets to manage your big day.  Free Printable Wedding Planners, Online Organizers, Checklists, Expense Sheets

Free Printable Magic Tricks for Boy Birthday Party Theme

Little girl birthday party themes are easy, but boy themed parties can be trickier. Why not do a magic themed party boys and girls of all ages will love? Here are free printable magic tricks and sleight- of-hand how-to demonstrations. I've included magic themed recipes, party games and crafts, magic clipart and party decorations for your budding illusionist. Free Printable Magic Tricks, Magician Themed Birthday Party Printables

Free Printable Father's Day Cards for Kids to Color

Why not save money on Father's Day festivities and print cards for dads, grandpas, step-dads? Children can color these greeting cards and personalize them for daddy, grampa, uncle, teacher, minister, priest, rabbi, any special man in their life. Free printable coloring page Father's Day cards do double duty as a craft for kids and a greeting card. Free Printable Father's Day Cards to Color 


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