Kids party activities: Birthday party games, DIY party crafts, activity centers

While there are dozens of adorable preschool kids party activities to buy, I find it best to go with simple, inexpensive birthday party games for kids. Here's a DIY party planner for activity centers with cheap, homemade kids party crafts and activities. These activity centers--based on preschool learning centers--feature different kids party crafts and activities at stations or tables. Party guests circulate and try different kids party crafts and games. DIY party activity centers offer flexibility for hosts and plenty of kids party activities to keep over-active children busy. Activity centers avoid competitive birthday party games which can so often end in tears and frustration.

Cupcake decorating kids party activities. Instead of a birthday cake, give each child a plain unfrosted cupcake to decorate. Set out a variety of candies, sprinkles and frosting options. Give each child a disposable Popsicle sticks to frost cupcakes. Each guest should have her own little cup of frosting, so that when she samples, and she will sample, germs won't get spread around. Assemble the finished
cupcake on a platter and add candles for the birthday girl to blow out. Photograph and give each child her cupcake to eat.

DIY party tattoos and body art activity centers. Set out temporary tattoos, napkins and washable markers. Teach guests to apply tattoos by pressing damp napkin over tattoo until paper is wet. Remove paper to reveal tattoo. Child can also make their own tattoos by drawing on paper towel and pressing design on their arms. Older kids can draw their own.

Giant birthday card kids party crafts: Set out sidewalk chalk and ask guests to decorate your sidewalk or driveway with huge card for the birthday child. Each child gets a square of sidewalk to decorate. Or draw kids party activities on the driveway or sidewalk that children must complete, like a treasure hunt or giant board birthday party games for kids.

Fish pond birthday party games for kids. Set out a child's wading pool and inexpensive plastic fishing game. Children can fish for prizes for birthday party games. Make your own fishing game by tying a magnet to the end of a dowel. Fill little plastic bags or paper bags with treats and prizes. Attach a paper clip to the bag. Child catches a treat by getting magnet to attach to paper clip and 'reeling' it in.
Painting booth kids party crafts. This went over like a house afire at our youngest daughter's 5th birthday. My eldest daughter set out her array of finger nail polish choices and everyone got a manicure. For boys birthday party games for kids, buy little unpainted wooden vehicles for kids from Hobby Lobby. Or get small treasure boxes. Let guest paint these with quick-dry non-toxic paint and take home as party favors.

Face painting kids party activities. Our younger son manned this booth at our daughter's party. He made up a poster showing the different images he could do. He even learned some new ideas when guests asked for something different. Remember to use non-toxic face paint. Make your own face paint with lotion and food coloring. Or use non-toxic markers.

We were fortunate to have older children to run the activities. If you don't have older children, import some older neighbor children or family members. Older children love to help with these types of parties and will usually work for food and a treat bag. For more awesome DIY party ideas, come visit DIY Party Planner.


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